Through this quick and easy process, your foot dimensions, pronation and footprint will all be measured, evaluated by highly trained staff, and logged into our worldwide database to match you to your recommended ASICS shoe.

ASICS manufactures a range of athletic shoes for several different running environments and run types. To enhance your running experience it is necessary to better understand biomechanics and your personal gait. ASICS Foot ID system will characterize your foot to better suit your needs.

ASICS Foot ID could revolutionize your next run.

Please note: The final Foot ID analysis appointment of the day is one hour before closing. We suggest calling ahead to confirm availability of the system. The ASICS Store's phone number is (212) 354-1908.

Your personal foot analysis in 4 simple steps

STEP 1: Register Yourself 

Enter your basic information safely and securely into the ASICS foot analysis database. This information is secure and for use in our database only.

STEP 2: Foot analysis

Remove shoes and socks and step onto the ASICS Foot ID pads. Both feet will be scanned and accurately measured using a cross section of lasers and cameras. You will receive a copy of your scanned analysis as shown inside this leaflet.

STEP 3: Gait analysis

Once your ASICS Foot ID scan is complete, you will be given a special pair of shoes to run on the treadmill for a few minutes. These special shoes have strategic dots within the shoe that read your gait and help determine your running style.

STEP 4: Review and recommendation 

After analyzing your gait cycle and cross referencing your foot scan results with our global database, a foot specialist will discuss your foot type and recommend the most appropriate shoe for your feet. The information inside this leaflet will thoroughly explain the foot analysis step by step as well as give additional information about biomechanics and running styles to help you better understand the process.

Your personal ASICS Foot ID scan results will show your:

Personal Profile:

Your personal registration information will be checked and compared with the ASICS foot analysis database, which contains results from across the globe. Using this information, we can advise you on both your foot type and on the most appropriate shoe.

Foot Dimensions:

During your ASICS FOOT ID scan both feet are accurately measured for foot length, ball girth, heel breadth, instep height, arch height and toe angle. It is normal that there will be some small differences between your left and right foot. You should always choose your shoe size on the basis of the longer foot. Choose a size approximately 3/8" (8-10mm) larger than your bare foot length, because your feet become slightly longer in the propulsion phase of the gait cycle.

Type of Arch:

HIGH ARCH A high-arched foot is also known as an under pronated foot. A runner with under pronating feet is more likely to experience shock transmission through the lower legs and should choose shoes in the Under Pronator to Neutral categories.

NORMAL ARCH Runners with normal arches typically experience minimal biomechanical problems and should select shoes in the Neutral to Over Pronator categories.

FLAT FOOT Flat-foot runners tend to have over pronating feet, which generally result in poor natural shock absorption. These runners should pick shoes from the Over Pronator to Severe Over­ Pronator categories.

Heel Angle:

Leaning towards the inside of the foot means the heel is in eversion. Excessive inward lean increases loading on the inner side of the foot.

Leaning towards the outside of the foot means the heel is in inversion. The ankles and ankle joints of this foot type tend to be inflexible and provide little cushioning.