• ASICS Atomic Wash®
    A wear and durability standard established by ASICS for each and every apparel and accessories product we produce.

  • Breathability
    Enhanced breathability is provided by venting or mesh inserts.

  • GEL®
    Features ASICS® GEL® Cushioning System.

  • KinetoFoam®
    An open-cell padding that helps dissipate heat. By working in conjunction with EVA, the pad also helps protect the wearer, thus being able to move freely.

Dig, jump, spike, dive. A total volleyball experience demands a total volleyball kneepad. This is it. GEL® Cushioning System and Ortholite attenuates shock. Kinetofoam™ provides comfort and fit about the knee. Aeroskin wicks away sweat.

GEL® Cushioning System



Ultra-low profile

Latex free

7.5 " Sleeve

Sold in Pairs

  • Style Number: ZD0500
  • Sizes: One size